Transporting Your Puppy

We believe transporting a young puppy to its new forever home is a very critical part of the adoption process, and go to great lengths to ensure your puupy has safe travels. We offer several options, and will work with you throughout the adoption process to make sure you and your new puppy have a safe and happy greeting.

Option 1

If you live close to Leo Indiana or you don't mind going for a drive, you are welcome to come to our kennel to pick up your new puppy in person. This option, obviously, is the most desireable and allows for the least amount stessed to be placed on a you puppy traveling for the first time.

Option 2

We will drive your new puppy to any location we decide upon, within a 150 mile radius of Leo Indiana, for a fee of $100.

Option 3

Puppies can be to shipped any major airport  in the US, and even sometimes internationally, using one of the commercial air transportation carriers. We regularly use United Airlines Pet Safe, Delta Airlines and American Airlines that fly out of Ft. Wayne Indiana (FWA). Our experience with flying puppies to their new homes have been generally very good, with no travel incidents, and feel this is a safe and effective method of transporting your puppy.