To Our Online Home!

We are a small family living in Leo Indiana, about 15 minutes outside of the Ft. Wayne area. My wife Marlene & I have two young children, Charlotte and Jeriah, and we love raising Golden Retriever Puppies! We have only a few adult dogs and raise 3-4 litters per year. We take great pride in what we do, and put a lot of effort into raising companions that will enrich the lives of those who take our puppies into their families!

I grew up in the Big Valley of Pennsylvania, working on my sister and her husbands farm, so I have been around animals, especially dogs, all of my life.  When I had the opportunity to own my first Golden Retriever years ago, I fell in love with the breed and have been working and living with them ever since. We are not a "puppy mill", we never have been and never will be. All our dogs are well cared for and given plenty of room to live and play, and you are welcome to come visit us and our dogs at any time! We only ask that give a little time to prepare.

I would love to share with you the story of my life, and the goodness of God, in an abbreviated form. As mentoined above,I grew up in The Big Valley in Pennsylvania. With the beautiful mountains of Central Pennsylvania towering above both sides of The Valley, I had a wonderful family life growing up. However, The Lord was not part of my life at that time. 

God started to work in my life in His own mysterious ways, softening my heart and drawing me to Himself. Jesus said "And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me." God has been working in my life ever since, giving me grace for every trial and peace and joy as I serve Him. I don't know why he chose me for His Kingdom, but it is my desire to live for Him each day and share His blessings with those I meet each day. Romans 2:4 AMP, ...do you have no regard for the wealth of His kindness and tolerance and patience? Are you unaware or ignorant that God's kindness leads you to repentance [that is, to change your inner self, your old way of thinking-seek His purpose for your life]?



Rufus and Marlene Kanagy